B I O F O N I A 

Music Healing workshop

26th Feb - 14th March 2010 

Benares - Varanasi (India)

Biofonia  Program  for Academy of Indian Music


Biofonia is a system of healing and meditating through sound and music.  

It derives from ancient paths like Nada Yoga and Nadabrahma, the mythical origins of indian music.

It utilizes the same elements of indian classical music but with an inner focalization.

It is a kind of Yoga which utilizes  sound, vocal singing, rythmic Tala patterns, breathing and defined body rythmic movements as the instruments to smoothen tensions, release emotions,  harmonize the mind,  lead to creative and meditative states of consciousness.  Thus  the  singing voice is considered as the first instrument which can influence and rebalance the mind, “bringing it back to its bright essence” and open inner energies.   Biofonia goes through chakra and nadi, mainly  through voice  inner resonance and the frequencies of the svaras, the indian musical notes.

Some Ragas have an intense potentiality in releasing threatened inner energy, and they can be used through simple vocalizations for this purpose. Different svaras can  have a benefit influence on the individual, they can  open  inner energies, and open spaces  in mind and body for creativity and imagination.    Another important technique is the seek  of  finding and rebalancing the  basic individual note, the “individual tonic” or ground note”: it  is the personal sound reference, and getting back to it can be important to get back to one's own balance.  


Main themes and subject threated in the Biofonia course in Academy:


-      Approach to inner sound techniques

-      sound simbology in indian music and relations with Nada Yoga: colours, emotions, timings, etc.

-      Voice, breathing, and inner sensations: introduction  to inner vocality

-      sound vibration inside the body, learning to feel it and to use it

-      connections between svaras (indian notes) and chakra, nadi, emotions, body sensations, mind thoughts and the way to relaxation and releasing threatened energies through voice

-      relations between  Biofonia, Nada Yoga and artistic classical indian music

-      Rythmic and Tala techniques to release tensions through body movement

-      Music thérapy,  Biofonia, Nada Yoga, affinities and differences – some techniques of the three

-      through sound to meditation

-      introduction to Harmonic Singing techniques

-      inner, intuitive and silent singing to meditation


The teacher:

Paolo Avanzo

-      He is a senior student of P. Shivnath Mishra  in Sitar– He wrote the book “Biofonia” (Mi 2002); he attended to 3 years training course with Prof. Vemu Mukunda on Nadabrahma Music Thérapy System and Nada Yoga , and then he deepend sound thérapy with master H. Mitra;

-      He graduated in state music school “Conservatorio Pedrollo” of  Vicenza (Italy) in “Extraeuropean music systems/Indology”;  He attended to courses in IISMC (Istituto Interculturale musiche comparate) of Venezia (Italy), founded by A. Danielou; he attended to stages with Pandit Ravi Shankar  (1980),  Buddadhitya Mukerjee (1987-91), and prof. Tran Qiuan Hai  (Harmonic Singing),  prof. in Foreign Languages (University of Venezia, Italy),

-      Art-Counselor, expert in Breathwork Techniques  and Hata Yoga -


-      All lessons will be held only in Academy of Indian Music in Badaini, Varanasi

Scheduled period for the course:

-    26th February to 14th March  

- frequency: one lesson every day, exept saturday and sundays for two weeks 

- timing to be settled in accord with other lessons in Academy 




The Academy


Built specifically to be a school of music for students and pilgrims coming to live there while studying music and dance, the Academy is situated within a five minute walk from the long arc of the Ganga River, along which you can see and explore hundreds of temples, markets and amazing places of reflection and contemplation.

Its construction completed in 2007, the Academy is a place full of light, lots of talking and laughter…and music!

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